Change Log

  1. The inner chain of the text keyword matches the tags of all article types
  2. Optimize IE browser support
  3. Fixed the issue of invalid submission review settings
  4. Fixed the issue that the text of submissions is not reviewed.
  5. Fixed the problem that the official account and resource submission link prompt errors
  6. Fixed the problem that only 8 presets of "My Navigation" custom presets are displayed
  7. Increase the display of the weight of website favorites
  8. Add 7 hot list sources
  9. Optimize part of the layout
  10. Independent site search
  11. Fix the translation of special characters in the search box
  12. The parent of the mini sidebar menu can be clicked
  13. Search box completion function adds Google source and close function
  14. Upgrade fa font library to 5.15.1, and replace fa CDN with domestic CDN
  15. Match the latest wordpress5.6 and php8
  16. Optimize the image upload logic on the submission page
  17. ...
  1. Add search to automatically index Baidu hot search keywords
  2. Add home page tab label mode loading mode switch (ajax loading and normal loading) (home page settings)
  3. Fixed the bug that the ajax loading mode of the tab tag would display the unreviewed URL
  4. Small screen hot search uses horizontal scrolling
  5. Optimize sub-theme support
  6. Add article pagination
  7. Add a service to solve WordPress 429 (optimization acceleration)
  8. Optimize and split the Metabox option panel for easy layout
  9. Article content element style adjustment
  10. Classic editor adds corresponding style preview
  11. Add nofollow attribute switch to the URL block (basic setting)
  12. Add site-wide picture lightbox
  13. Add go jump whitelist (basic setting)
  14. Fix the problem that the icon is not cleared after the submission is successful
  15. Add filtering for submissions
  16. Add Tencent waterproof wall verification code (security setting)
  17. Add comment filtering (security settings)
  18. Add friendship link template page
  19. Add the big search box and modify the size: .header-big{padding-top:170px;padding-bottom:110px} (home page setting)
  20. Add book classification
  21. Add seo title connector settings (seo settings)
  22. Adjust the style of the download pop-up window
  23. Full screen loading effect (color effect)
  24. Add a statistical code filling box (footer setting)
  25. The administrator can see and replace with the default private mode
  26. Add homepage sorting rule setting (homepage setting)
  27. Add the front row display of the top article on the homepage (homepage setting)
  28. Added "sticky" and "new" label display (basic settings)
  29. Add a direct jump switch to the URL block
  30. Upgrade the fa icon to version 5.13.0
  31. Add Baidu webmaster automatic push (seo setting)
  32. Automatic internal chaining of article keywords (seo setting)
  33. The country location information query is switched to iowen API
  34. Fix the feedback bug
  1. Fixed some link redirect errors of the site built in subdirectories.
  2. Fix the bug that will report an error when closing the search box
  3. Refactor the search box code to facilitate customization (please modify the configuration file inc\search-list.php)
  4. Adjust the resource download page style
  5. Add app (software) article type
  6. Fix the bug that the search page in the site does not display the title title
  7. Added that when TAB mode is enabled on the home page, click on the sidebar on other pages to automatically load the corresponding content.
  8. Add big URL card
  9. URL card background can switch styles
  10. Disable mobile phone tooltip tips
  11. Fix the bug that custom data cannot be saved when adding categories continuously
  12. Enable group display on parent category page
  13. Default mini sidebar menu switch
  14. Change the order of the sidebar menu to the theme settings
  15. The editor adds a shortcode button to support Gutenberg
  16. Contribution picture limit <64kb, add tag form, increase title and link duplication judgment
  17. Global prompt to increase size
  18. Add custom colors
  19. You can get the name, description, keywords, and country in one click at the background of the website
  20. Add a custom article permalink prefix setting, add optional id and article name permalink
  21. The sidebar menu is changed to add settings in the wp appearance menu
  22. URL block without image mode
  23. Add the URL alternate link field
  24. Add the function of checking duplicates when adding URLs in the background
  25. Add mail service settings and beautify mail templates
  26. Remove the screenshot of timthumb.php
  27. Add English translation
  28. Add hot search, hot subscription service
  29. Support sub-themes
  1. Change the location of search module to multiple selection (Settings->Homepage)
  2. Add an announcement archive page template (Settings->Homepage)
  3. Add an ad slot
  4. The article automatically stores the external link pictures to the local server, and only supports the classic editor (Settings->Basic)
  5. Add a comment on the URL details page
  6. The homepage can display the article classification card (Settings->Homepage)
  7. The parent category name is displayed before the category name of the URL block (Settings -> Homepage)
  8. Add a direct button to the URL block (Settings -> Basics)
  9. Fix the problem of lazy loading of pictures in UC browsers.
  10. Fixed the problem that the function of mini sidebar will be affected when opening search and adding website modal box
  11. Fixed the issue of not displaying historical comments after closing comments
  12. Add website status display, link speed (dead link detection), address, etc. (Settings -> Basics) on the details page
  13. Fix the bug that the tab menu slider is deformed due to the browser zoom setting
  14. Increase the way to record pageviews when the details page is not opened
  15. Add category and tab seo metadata settings
  16. Add the og tag default picture setting item, which is used for the thumbnail displayed when sharing on QQ and WeChat (settings-->seo)
  17. Add tags to URL classification, which can be used for seo keyword candidates
  18. Add a submission review prompt icon in the background
  1. Redo seo
  2. Add visitors to customize and add websites
  3. Add 2 level directory tab tag switching
  4. The theme strips the fa icon library, choose one of fa and Ali in the settings, and fa can be hosted
  5. The two articles in the middle of the homepage article module can be customized when displayed on the big screen
  6. The latest information of the homepage article module can be excluded from classification
  7. Add the switch whether to open in a new tab
  8. Add the URL block to display two columns of switches on small screens such as mobile phones
  9. Add search module location setting
  10. Optimized submissions can be published to any category without review.
  11. Icons and pictures can be assigned url addresses
  12. Fix bugs that are only visible to the administrator and invalid and several other bugs
  13. Optimize layout and tips
  1. Category directory menu adapts to fa5
  2. Submissions can be directly published to the designated category and do not need to be reviewed (it needs to be opened in the background)
  3. Weather position can be set to head or bottom
  4. Increase the type of announcement articles (for the time being a customized corresponding article template)
  5. Increase friendship links
  6. Fix some minor issues
  7. Fix the problem that the theme before and after the front end may not be memorable
  8. Site search excluded page
  9. Add white theme
  10. Increase the random base of visits and likes
  11. Add article URL block code or
  12. Add a separate setting for the second ad slot on the homepage
  13. Add homepage "Popular URLs" "Everyone likes" widgets
  14. Add Ali icon
  1. Change the icon source to fontawesome5
  2. Add a web address block pop-up window to prompt content options
  3. Fix the bug that the theme style setting in the background does not take effect
  4. The background is compatible with the open source version of the custom URL icon and QR code image
  5. The site search page URL block prompts to add non-URL type judgments
  6. Add a custom menu setting guide
  7. Fix the bug about my widgets making errors on non-article pages
  8. Fix the bug that the tooltip pop-up window will not be hidden automatically
  9. Fix the bug that affects the Gutenberg editor after blocking the REST API function
  1. Refactor the open source version of the theme to make static resources more lightweight
  2. The theme includes all the functions of the open source version, and the database is seamlessly upgraded (the theme setting items need to be reset)
  3. Add three types of URL collections: website, official account, download resource
  4. Add article entry, separate blog template page, you can use it as a blog
  5. Add gadgets to customize the sidebar
  6. ...
  1. Open source version:
  2. Update log:
  3. ...

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