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The best introductory book of Chinese art history, classic readers used by Oxford, Yale and Princeton for 40 years Jasa Layanan Digital

The best introductory book of Chinese art history, 40 years of classic readers used by Oxford, Yale and Princeton

Academician Emeritus of the University of Oxford, an authority on Chinese art history Academician Michael Sullivan, another major work after "Chinese Art and Artists in the 20th Century"

"History of Chinese Art" combs through Chinese art from ancient times, pre-Qin, Qin and Han, Three Kingdoms and Six Dynasties, Sui and Tang, Five Dynasties and Songs, Ming and Qing to the 20th century, and combines different categories of Chinese art-architecture, sculpture, painting, calligraphy, ceramics, etc The manifestations and characteristics in different eras are clearly, meticulously and comprehensively displayed in front of readers.

The author Su Liwen not only comprehensively discusses the characteristics of Chinese art itself, but also focuses more on the combination of art and history, placing the different forms of expression of Chinese art in a grand historical narrative, and writing a history of Chinese art that spans thousands of years. Evolution context.

This book is the best history of Chinese art. Except for Su Liwen, no Chinese art historian has such extensive knowledge. ——Ban Zonghua (Richard Barnhart, Professor of Art History at Yale University)

Su Liwen's "History of Chinese Art" has a clear presentation, a balanced content, and a familiar grasp of the subject, almost nothing beats him. It provides an excellent way for all beginners of Chinese art. -Xie Baike (Jerome Silber Geld, Dean of the Department of Art History and Archaeology, Princeton University)

Mr. Su Liwen is an old friend of the Chinese art circle. His spare no effort in the research and promotion of Chinese art has contributed tremendously not only to China, but also to the development of art for all mankind. ——Pan Gongkai (Dean of Central Academy of Fine Arts)

Mr. Su has always had great enthusiasm for Chinese art and the Chinese people, which is very touching. ——Shao ​​Dazhen (Professor of the Department of Art History, Central Academy of Fine Arts)

Professor Su Liwen has given a lot of encouragement and support to Chinese artists and Chinese art historians. He is a truly benevolent elder, and we are all grateful to him. ——Wan Qingli (Professor of Chinese Art History, University of Hong Kong)

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